Hey. It’s been weeks since I’ve checked in. I’ve been hosting. I have houseguests. Nothing crazy, just a friend in need. I have enough room to have a person stay with me if need be.

So far so good. No real issue, oh yeah, she’s a Baddie, a fine looking Sista, and the sexual tension is getting crazy. Feels like one long comedic Netflix drama series. She is not my type, near my age, or on my intellect wave, BUT WE VIBE WITHOUT TRYING. Cracking up, example, She wakes up blaming me for her not winning the mega billion, lol, apparently she said 4 numbers at 6am the next day that somehow i was supposed to play and I cost her her dream life, lol. Hilarious

We both are out there dating. So we share experiences, the ups and downs. Admittedly, we both said we are what we’ve been missing. I don’t wanna mess up the friendship. Sex would change this relationship. Not bragging, but she and I both have ex’s that won’t go away and want one more chance at destroying our lives. They think we do. And Whats bugged, is these ex’s share and compare notes, they don’t understand that she and I are plutonic.

Yesterday, the new topic was that She thinks she needs to date older men. I almost choked on my Red Kool-Aid. See this is why I’m even writing this. If she dates me, it will kill the friendship. No dates No Sex. I’d rather date strangers. When you apply relationship shit to a friend, you have moments where what you’d tell your friend, you wouldn’t tell that to your boyfriend or girlfriend, you get me?

It’s been three weeks and now we are sharing the same sleeping area, used to be the bed or the couch, now it’s strictly a bed thing. We incorporate each other when our outside intimates call our phone or FaceTime, I’m her Bro, she’s my Sis and these outsiders can see for themselves that vibe is great. I even get to play my xbox one x, and watch sports, no complaints, that’s enough to propose matrimony alone.

I assure you this isn’t one sided, I’m not day dreaming or imagining anything. I’d have her write on the post but that would be weird , she is right next to as I write this. Ive had to turn down dates, she has dressed up to go no where. What is happening here?

No conflicts, No issues. Until later this week when we make that mistake and fuck.

I’ll let you know how that goes. Maybe

Peace Family,




I been chilling y’all. All that other shit, all that drama, gone. Poof, or puff, in my case. But, yeah I just had to let y’all know it ain’t all crazy and shit no mo’.

I’m settled in, been the host and space loaner, and it’s been great. I’ve been to the beach 🏖 when it was needed and visited old friends in Brooklyn when i needed a get away from da crib.

Back on my gaming. Back to cooking. Back to watching Sports. Back to Pop Culture. Back to Twitter. @Smokez4dayz

It’s So Hot, oh yeah, It’s Summer

It’s been a minute, my bad, I promise to share every living moment with you guys. In fact I should have kept you informed. I’m now 3 months in my new apartment, the highs and lows of a new spot, I’m getting settled in.

Oh yeah, I realize my housemate is a weirdo. These things are expected, but what you try to do is pray you won’t be the new horror stories of living with the housemate from Hell. Bro started out super crazy confident, and speaking in tones with me like he felt like he was gonna show me the ropes. 😂😂😂. Whatever. I went along with it, not trying to stir the pot.

He had the WiFi setup before I could do mines, so he offered the password, also said the microwave is there for use. I’m like cool. Dude might be ok. He had been in the unit a month before me, so I guess he thought it was his job to be leader. Listen I’m 15 years older than this guy and a whole Foot Taller, and about a 100 pound weight advantage over mr small man, but whatever, after awhile my IQ will take over and he’ll see what I’m about.

The guy asks me if he can put his ice cream in the fridge. He asks if a loaf of bread can go in the fridge. He thinks cooking is a woman’s job, he has all these old views from like 1969. And he thought he was loudmouth, he thought his mouth was wreckless. Lol. Hold my beer.

One month of peace, two months of him doing dumb shit and asking for a solution, and he was trying to buy me. He doesn’t drink or smoke but got weed and liquor to show off to me. Strange. He was mixing cheap liqs with expensive top shelf stuff, he’d buy weed and it would sit in his room until I basically smoke all of it. ( why not? ) Here’s why not…

I had a visit from my friends, they wanna see where I’m at and how I’m doing, plus we just wanna chill out. At first he would join in, then he felt that I didn’t need my friends, what? He started getting jealous. Too jealous, boy bye.

He felt that because he furnished the WiFi that I couldn’t have private time. If I wanted alone time he would say something like ‘Oh you going to play fortnite?’ Or ask me what’s new on YouTube. He never asked me about Kodi or ShowBox, lol. Guess he’s clueless. So after one day of him knocking at my door all day because he was bored, I was like Bro, you gotta do your own thing. I had had enough and I’d been annoyed now with his incessant questioning and blank stares he gives and overall lack of knowledge. I’m sorry but I’m a bit nerdy and I hate dummies. Sorry.

Following that day, my friend visits me and right away we just talking laughing. It felt great talking to someone who knows shit, I said as much and he heard me, housemate goes outside and calls me. Where I’m from, that a pussy move. Mind u he talks like he’s bout that life.

He cuts the wifi and moves his microwave out the kitchen. Like that will affect me, it shows he hold those things dear and thought I did too. Um, I been cooking since I was 7, had a microwave since 1989, I hate microwaves and the food, I don’t eat from the freezer section unless it’s desserts. So I sit in the room, I have my phone and my xbox one OG, but I’m not using hotspot to catch my POWER episode, so I sat with no internet on tv, cool.

2nd week of June I got a side gig for 5 weeks, so I got super busy and I wasn’t in the house so this fool had the nerve to ask me if I got a job thru his connections…really? He wants to take credit. Lil Lil Man. I ignored him, and he saw me bring in the house a full upgrade. 50″ 4K HDR, Xbox One X, JBL Charge speakers, Jordan’s, etc. He was heard telling his mom he was gonna get rid of me. Lol

He started acting out and he still thought he was over me or my superior so he got to talking and he said something and I just checked him and told him I’d bury him in a sneaker box. My eyes 👀 raised and I spoke to him like he was about to have a problem if he keep thinking he gonna talk to me like I won’t stomp a roach.

The next day he had his mommy come stay with him, lol.

So I cut it off. No talking. Don’t want anything but to be left alone. No new Friends right. Plus he wasn’t a friend. He wanted to tag along for the wild ride, I have lots of female friends, so when I stop talking to him and still hosting get togethers, he got super mad, Big mad.

He spent the next month trying to be friends and chat with me but I was done. I don’t need him and his fucked up ways messing up my Tchi.

On the day I was having my WiFi installed he leaves an illiterate note on the fridge with apologies and the WiFi code. A dollar short and a day late. That should be a title for something.

He then turned into a jealous eavesdropping hater, and I loved every minute of it. I cleverly ignored him and kept silent and it drove him crazy.

He called the police on me, because I didnt want his friendship and the accusation was I threatened him. Told the officers it was months ago and I have texts of him trying to be my friend but I cut it off I don’t want it. Called the landlord told him I keep a nasty house, landlord already seen that I didn’t and I informed him what this jerk was doing. He told him mind his business and leave me alone.

I added a few choice words and made his humiliation stronger.

I say this happily because he tried to play me and he underestimated me, thought I was slow. I type 70 wpm, cook like a chef, recite music from the last 50 years, destroy you in 2K, do stand up, debate sports politics and entertainment. I’m a pretty Great guy. Just ask me. You can’t have a dude who ain’t even start his life trying to come at me when I been around the world and back. I forgot shit he will never learn. I had to check him and get revenge. Mission accomplished.

I have my peace now, he no longer knocks on my door or worry about my company, well at least he does it silently.

I want y’all to know that No asshole housemates were hurt or injured during this story. I never laid a hand on him. And his mom started flirting with me. She’s 54, I’d take that down, no hesitation. He screamed on his mom accusing her off already banging me, which didn’t happen, but she actually got up in his face and yelled him off that fake thug shit he does, so she obviously learned how to handle her son after seeing my demonstration. She had probably never saw anyone put that Lil inch worm in his place.

He so mute now. He used play music. He used talk women and sex, now he’s a mute. Lol. He used to watch the Walking Dead, now he’s the walking Dead. He did it to himself. He handed me the scissors to cut him off. I gotta stop acting like everyone is friends material.

Oh yeah He said he was glad my mom was Dead and I didn’t beat him up, my mom just passed 3 years ago. So it’s no talking with that guy ever. on my Momma. My Mom wouldn’t approve of me hanging with a caveman anyway.

So that was my last few months in light drama at the crib. Thoughts?

New Year, New Place. 2018. So far, So good

Wow. It’s been a minute. Can I get a moment to breathe? Omg. I had been apartment hunting for over a year with no luck, the real estate situation in The Big Apple sucks to it’s core, (pun intended), and there really isn’t any real solutions to the problems any time soon. Landlords looking for huge rents in areas where drugs and violence are your neighbors, brokers screening prospective tenants based solely on gender and race, income guidelines that assume you will have extra bodies in your home, everyone better be working because the rental amount will also have that assumption.

I was able to finally secure an apartment in way too far, Far Rockaway. Never thought about moving out here, not one consideration. I had lived in Rosedale, Queens in the early 2000s and this area is further out than Rosedale. The only experiences I’ve had in Far Rockaway were few visits to see my Sister in the early 90s and a handful of trips to the beach. I’m a life long NY resident and Far Rock just wasn’t on my radar.

I am liking it so far.

I am minutes away from the A train or Far Rock LIRR, I have MTA busses on the road and the infamous Dollar Van taxis ($2 dollars now). From my spot to Nostrand Avenue, Brooklyn takes 30 mins. That’s great time. The area isn’t crowded like, say the Grand Concourse in the Bronx, it also isn’t a ghost town, it’s moderate, Mon-Fri the streets are not overly filled up compared to the weekends, but you still get the feeling that the place can get pretty busy.

Im still trying to have a house warming party, or I might have to have several parties, not all my friends are cordial to one another and they all would like their time alone with me to celebrate my accomplishment. Actually, most are so excited to hear I have a new kitchen, awaiting some of my favorite dishes ( oh yeah, I cook). I still have many items to add to my decor in the abode, I have the basics and bathroom is stocked, so I won’t be rushing to  over furnish my place.

Two weeks in and I’m starting to settle. I have to try all the restaurants over here before I can make my favorites lists. As well as visit every 99 cents store, and supermarket, hell, I don’t even know which bodega to get my morning coffee and butter roll!

More Later. See Ya!


Hello world!

Good Afternoon. I don’t know why today was the day, there has been no desire, and actually no information to warrant me having a blog. Well its 2011, and I’d like to think that I am doing more positive things now than any year before, and if I can share, I will. I won’t spend too much time on the past, as this is, a new stage in my life, and dwelling on what I have learned and didn’t learn from the rolling coaster I called my life isn’t really important, its what I learn now.

Me? Born & Raised Brooklyn New Yorker. do with that what you will.

More Later.